Local Fall Color

The change of seasons here isn't dramatic, but it's still noticeable.
Photo: Japanese maple in red phase of foliage

We’re now into December and we’ve yet to experience a killing frost in our neck o’the woods. Normally — whatever that means — it would have happened about three weeks ago. The temperature did drop down to 32º once or twice, but it didn’t stay there long enough to damage our outdoor plants. And the lawn still needs to be mowed.

That’s not to say that the trees haven’t noticed the change in overall temperature. Our Japanese maples are now a lovely shade of red (see the header photo above), and the cottonwoods along the creek have shifted from green to gold. We really enjoy the view from our back yard at this time of year (well, at any time of year…although the scenic wonder dissipates a bit once the trees drop their leaves).

I launched my drone earlier today and took some photos to capture from the air what we gaze upon from the ground.

Drone photo: Fall colors in Horseshoe Bay, Texas
View looking east from the west part of our back yard
Drone photo: Fall colors in Horseshoe Bay, Texas
A drone’s-eye view of the creek; our back yard is on the left
Drone photo: Fall colors in Horseshoe Bay, Texas
Another view of the creek, with the drone facing east (so our house is at the right, but out of the frame)

Obviously, we can’t compete with New England for fall colors. On the other hand, we wouldn’t want to trade our 72º afternoons in December for what it takes to compete on that basis.


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