Book Review: “Proust and the Squid”

…the goal of reading is to go beyond the author’s ideas to thoughts that are increasingly autonomous, transformative, and ultimately independent of the written text. … The experience of reading is not so much an end in itself as it is our best vehicle to a transformed mind, and, literally and figuratively, to a changed… Continue reading Book Review: “Proust and the Squid”

Non Sense

I have a friend who “sees” the days of the week as colors. If you ask him about having lunch on “blue,” he’ll check his mental PDA and respond with something like, “Thursday’s not good for me, but brown…I mean, Friday…will work.” His son “sees” numbers as colors, so I suppose its an inherited trait.… Continue reading Non Sense

The Lowdown on Dropsy

I was reading in the Bible book of Luke last week, and came across this passage: One Sabbath, when Jesus went to eat in the house of a prominent Pharisee, he was being carefully watched. There in front of him was a man suffering from dropsy. Jesus asked the Pharisees and experts in the law,… Continue reading The Lowdown on Dropsy

Ha! Told you so…

I finally heard from the doc this afternoon, and while they aren’t exactly sure what it is, my little lung-dwelling friend is not cancer or even a tumor. We’ll do another CAT scan in six months to make sure it’s not changing, but I’ve basically been given a clean bill of health. Listen, folks…you don’t… Continue reading Ha! Told you so…

A $4,000 Nap

Just got back from getting a PET scan, which sounds like something leading up to a flea dip, but was actually done in an attempt to identify the little alien lifeform in my chest. The process is the stuff of bad sci-fi movies. We don’t have a permanent scanner in the Permian Basin, so one… Continue reading A $4,000 Nap

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Medical Update (Don’t buy your veil just yet!)

The cat scan confirmed the presence of…something…in my right lung, something about the size of a dime. The radiologist said that it could be one of three things: scar tissue from a previous infection, a sort of harmless cyst that’s not uncommon among residents of desert climates who inhale a lot of dust, or, you… Continue reading Medical Update (Don’t buy your veil just yet!)

A little scary

I had a physical last week, the first in a number of years, although I’ve had a complete blood work-up annually for at least the last decade. Part of the physical was a chest x-ray. The doctor’s office called today to tell me that the x-ray revealed a spot on one lung, and they want… Continue reading A little scary