Ha! Told you so…

I finally heard from the doc this afternoon, and while they aren’t exactly sure what it is, my little lung-dwelling friend is not cancer or even a tumor. We’ll do another CAT scan in six months to make sure it’s not changing, but I’ve basically been given a clean bill of health. Listen, folks…you don’t… Continue reading Ha! Told you so…

A $4,000 Nap

Just got back from getting a PET scan, which sounds like something leading up to a flea dip, but was actually done in an attempt to identify the little alien lifeform in my chest. The process is the stuff of bad sci-fi movies. We don’t have a permanent scanner in the Permian Basin, so one… Continue reading A $4,000 Nap

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Medical Update (Don’t buy your veil just yet!)

The cat scan confirmed the presence of…something…in my right lung, something about the size of a dime. The radiologist said that it could be one of three things: scar tissue from a previous infection, a sort of harmless cyst that’s not uncommon among residents of desert climates who inhale a lot of dust, or, you… Continue reading Medical Update (Don’t buy your veil just yet!)

A little scary

I had a physical last week, the first in a number of years, although I’ve had a complete blood work-up annually for at least the last decade. Part of the physical was a chest x-ray. The doctor’s office called today to tell me that the x-ray revealed a spot on one lung, and they want… Continue reading A little scary