Random Thursday: The Heterotroph Edition

Well, hello again…fancy seeing you here. As you no doubt are aware, today is National Dog Day and if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, I can only assume that you laughed inappropriately when you were handed a business card by an eminently qualified woman and saw that her title was “Webmistress,” and… Continue reading Random Thursday: The Heterotroph Edition

NoMoNaNoWriMo (not that there ever was any)

It’s the first day of November and I’m extending my streak to twenty years of not participating in NaNoWriMo. If that term is unfamiliar and you don’t have the inclination to click on the link that I toiled and sweated over — not that I’m complaining — here’s an abbreviated introduction. NaNoWriMo is twee code… Continue reading NoMoNaNoWriMo (not that there ever was any)

Book Review: “The Ecuadorian Deception”

My pal and former Midlander Bear Mills has published a new novel entitled The Ecuadorian Deception (available via Amazon.com in Kindle and paperback formats). I finished reading it over the Christmas holiday and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys suspense novels seasoned with a healthy heap of [obscure] history. I’m not a huge fan… Continue reading Book Review: “The Ecuadorian Deception”

Book Review: “The Passage” and “The Twelve”

I just finished reading The Twelve, the second book in what will eventually be author Justin Cronin’s trilogy that began with the 2010 release of The Passage. The trilogy’s conclusion, The City of Mirrors, isn’t due until sometime next year…and that seems like an eternity. If you’re already a fan of speculative fiction, you no doubt… Continue reading Book Review: “The Passage” and “The Twelve”

Five Book Mini-Reviews

There’s a good reason for the solid non-blogging going on around here lately: I’ve been reading. You know, like, books. You might find something of interest among the group, so here are some brief reviews. The linked titles lead to Amazon.com, where you can either order the hard copy version, or download the Kindle version;… Continue reading Five Book Mini-Reviews