An Amazing Three Hour Tour

One of the pleasant surprises of blogging is when someone stumbles onto an old post and it strikes a chord with them…and they share with you about it.  That was the case this morning when I opened an email that fell into my “Possible Junk Mail” folder (because the sender isn’t in my address book).… Continue reading An Amazing Three Hour Tour

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The ULTIMATE Music Challenge

OK, well…it seems that family isn’t quite as time-demanding as I expected, and so I’m able to turn my attention to [at least] one more post. This is another highly-anticipated music-related quiz, and I expect it to take at least a week for someone to solve. This quiz was actually conceived during an exchange of… Continue reading The ULTIMATE Music Challenge

Movie Fun: Music in Non-Musicals

I finished watching 13 Going On 30 today during my torture treadmill session. Cute movie… serious lapses in plot (duh)… Jennifer Garner is a revelation. Anyway, my favorite scene in the movie was the Thriller dance at the magazine’s party. I’m a sucker for the interjection of such scenes in movies that are not musicals, especially… Continue reading Movie Fun: Music in Non-Musicals

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Hymns – Same words, different tunes

Something different occurred during our Sunday School class time last Sunday. It’s worth noting that the term “different” is not usually associated with anything of Southern Baptist origin, as we tend to like things nice and orderly and predictable. We’re the Texas Aggies of denominations. But on this Sunday, we had substitute song leaders; they… Continue reading Hymns – Same words, different tunes

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