Strangest Airports

Popular Mechanics has posted a list of The World’s 18 Strangest Airports, and I was curious to see if I’d been to any of them. Turns out that we’ve flown in and out of three on the list, all of them associated with dive trips: The Princess Juliana Airport on the Caribbean island of St.… Continue reading Strangest Airports

Weekend in San Diego

We returned Monday evening from a four-day excursion with our friends Tommy and Toni to the San Diego area, and had a wonderful time. It was Debbie’s and my first visit to the area and we’d happily go again. Following is a brief photo-essay of the highlights from the trip. As you may recall, San… Continue reading Weekend in San Diego

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Back Home

We spent an extended and very pleasant weekend in San Diego/Coronado, California. I hope to post a report with a few photos as soon as I can work through the backlog of work and errands that accumulated while we were away. In the meantime, here’s a teaser photo of four pelicans gliding along the coastline… Continue reading Back Home

Dangerous Roads

The Simon Seeks travel blog has an interesting compilation of what it calls The world’s most extreme and dangerous roads [Link via Twisted Sifter’s Twitter feed]. As you might expect, most of the roads and highways are found in mountainous and/or so-called third world locations, and I don’t doubt for a second that driving them… Continue reading Dangerous Roads