Truly Changed…or Merely Churched?

Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.Colossians 4:5-6 Our pastor’s sermon yesterday morning was entitled “Reaching the Radically Unchurched,” and it seemed especially relevant in view… Continue reading Truly Changed…or Merely Churched?

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More Power (Guy Stuff)

I was thumbing through the new issue of Bicycling Magazine when a full-page ad for a motorcycle caught my eye. It’s not unheard of for motorcycle manufacturers to advertise in the human-powered cycling publications, although you don’t see Harley-Davidson buying any ad space…something about the wrong demographics/lifestyle image/etc. Harley riders don’t wear lycra, at least… Continue reading More Power (Guy Stuff)

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Classical Mass

If your church is open to some musical ministry in a somewhat different key, I highly recommend this guy. Rodrigo Rodriguez is a classical guitarist from Ecuador, now residing in Florida, who has turned his musical gift into a fulltime ministry. He’s got a great testimony, and an amazing talent. The highlight of the service… Continue reading Classical Mass

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Now, Where Were We…?

Six days. One post. <sneer> And you call yourself a blogger. Sheesh. Well, that six day period does represent the longest I’ve gone without posting since this humble blog was birthed. I’d like to say that I missed it, but I didn’t, really. I’ve been distracted by other things, very few of them more fun… Continue reading Now, Where Were We…?

Can they do this?

According to this report, the newest version of Photoshop contains secret technology that prevents us from counterfeiting $20 bills using that software. I was going to conduct a real world test and report the results here, but I ran into a couple of problems, both related to the fact that I’m a freelance website designer.… Continue reading Can they do this?

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Hue Auto Be In Pictures

Years ago, I recall hearing a report claiming that red cars were involved in significantly more accidents than other-hued autos. The reasoning behind this phenomenon was that the color red seemed to bring out the aggression in drivers… those behind the wheel as well as those “competing” with them in traffic. A less, um, romantic… Continue reading Hue Auto Be In Pictures

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Fun With English

Modern English is the Wal-Mart of languages: convenient, huge, hard to avoid, superficially friendly, and devouring all rivals in its eagerness to expand. — Mark Abley, journalist (1955- ) I don’t normally forward emails, but I’m not above posting the occasional gem, in the hope that one of the remaining eight people on the earth… Continue reading Fun With English

Southern Vocabulary

At the risk of initiating a world-killing trackback death spiral, I refer you to a post over at The Fat Guy’s joint (link no longer works, so use your imagination), where he skillfully inserts the word “tump” into a sentence about lattes. I’ve used “tump” as a verb for years without thinking about it, but… Continue reading Southern Vocabulary

Calendar Worlds

I dreamed last night that Hillary Clinton was the antichrist. Really. But that’s neither here nor there; what I really want to talk about is calendars. I realized this morning that I’ve finally slipped the last vestiges of the surly bonds of corporate indenture. For the first time in two decades, I’ve entered the new… Continue reading Calendar Worlds