Desert Island Movie Meme

I know, I know — the “if you were stranded on a desert island, which movies/ books/ music/ beverages/ non-venomous reptiles/ television evangelist/ Hooter’s girl/ Pro Bowling Tour player would you want to have with you” memes have been done to death, but here’s a slightly different twist. It still deals with movies, but you get to pick one title for each of the following ten genres.

Here’s my list (genres shown in bold) of the movies I’d choose for my desert island stranding:

  • WesternSilverado
  • HorrorShaun of the Dead
  • Sci-FiSerenity
  • MusicalFiddler on the Roof
  • ComedyThe Princess Bride
  • WarSaving Private Ryan
  • ActionPirates of the Caribbean
  • ForeignCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Classic (before 1960)The Quiet Man
  • DocumentaryMad Hot Ballroom
  • Bonus Pick (any genre)My Cousin Vinny

These are all pretty safe picks (choosing Shaun of the Dead in the horror category is probably cheating a bit, but I can’t think of a “traditional” horror movie that I’d want to see more than once).

Perhaps yours are a bit edgier…?


  1. That’s funny. I thought the same thing when i read Shaun Of The Dead – “hey, that’s not really a horror movie”, but I also thought the same thing when I read your disclaimer about it. I might see The Ring more than once, but I’d prefer Shaun anyday.

  2. I found the meme via my sister, and laughed when I did my list and then popped over here and saw that you also put “Shaun of the Dead” for your horror movie!! I’m glad I’m not alone in loving that movie!

  3. Jaynee, thanks for dropping by (I feel as though I know you already!). Shaun of the Dead appears to be a popular favorite, regardless of which category it goes in. I just wish I didn’t have to watch it with subtitles enabled so that my Texan ears can follow their non-Texan dialog!

  4. I’ve sunk to the challenge here. Some of those genres were pretty tough, and I ultimately couldn’t find places for some things I definitely would take instead of the ones I came up with to fill the slots.

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