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I just got a warning ticket from the Blogging Police…something about impersonating a blogger. So I guess I’d better get busy and post something, if for no other reason than Jimmy Patterson has a page to fill next Monday. (That’s an inside joke — such as it is — for the locals.)

So, what’s been going on lately? Oh, here’s one I never saw coming: the pneumatic Pamela Anderson is splitsville with Kid Rock. If those two can’t make it, I’m not sure there’s hope for any of us.

On the other hand, there’s Will Smith. Now, I’ve always been a fan of his acting (The Wild Wild West notwithstanding), and he strikes me as a pretty decent guy, to boot, but I’m ready to join a fan club after reading his interview in Reader’s Digest (yeah…so what? Wanna make something of it?). Here’s Will on marriage:

RD: You and Jada have been married nine years and, by all accounts, are very happy. What’s the key?
Smith: Communication. And divorce cannot be an option. 

RD: Your first marriage ended in divorce.
Smith: That is probably the most painful loss of my life. I quit. I could have fixed it. It really was not that bad.

RD: Some would say there’s no reason to stay if a marriage isn’t good.
Smith: Once you say that, you’ve lost. With Jada, I stood up in front of God and my family and friends and said, “Till death do us part.” So there are two possible outcomes: We are going to be together till death, or I am dead.

RD: But people do have problems in marriage.
Smith: Jada and I have problems; everybody has problems. People ask, “What happens if you made a mistake?” Well, you should be a little more careful before you stand up in front of God and your family and friends and say, “Till death do us part.”


I guess I’ll close with the obligatory Thanksgiving report, sort of. Here’s a question: what do you get when you combine a digital camera with a motor drive, a tripod, a long lens, a 2gb SD card, and a bunch of handguns? Well, for one thing, this type of thing…

Photo - flying .40 cal ammo cartridge
Photo - flying 9mm ammo cartridge
Photo - flying .40 cal ammo cartridge
Photo - Target shooting outside Fort Stockton

That last photo is MLB wreaking havoc with our new Springfield pistol. I love the way the photo includes the dirt kicking up behind the targets.

In closing, here’s another obligatory photo, this one of turkeys:


These two gobblers were striding down the middle of Rio Street in Fort Stockton on Saturday morning, following Thanksgiving. We saw the whole flock (about 10 birds) during our morning run the day after Thanksgiving but didn’t have a camera with us. Anyway, they were obviously breathing easy, having escaped the dining table for another year.

OK, does this get me back on track? Even if I had to resort to quoting Reader’s Digest?


  1. Will Smith is cool – and he’s got it right there. The way my pastor put it, “once you’ve chosen a spouse and gone through with the marriage, you give up the right to ask if you’ve made the right choice.”

    Then, I’m looking at the turkey photo and saying to myself, “I don’t see any dust kicking up behind those targets…”
    Cool pictures. Fast camera!

  2. In the second shot (pun intended) of the handgun action, is that the bullet emerging from the (a?) barrel? I’m guessing not, given the distance of the cartridge from the pistol at that point, but that’s sure a cool photo if it is.
    Thanks for the Will Smith link. Would never have found it on my own, but it’s a great message.

  3. Brian, it’s one thing to hear it from a pastor…it’s quite another to hear it from a gazillionaire actor/singer/Hollywood-type. Refreshing, isn’t it?
    Jim, those turkeys have been hanging around town for a couple of years now. I think they’ve got the firearms laws figured out.
    Patti, don’t be silly. Squirrels are the new turkeys! (And why aren’t you NaNoWriMo-ing?)
    Bret, that’s not a bullet; it’s just a part of the pistol; the barrel is just above the thing that looks like the tip of a bullet. I was hoping to get amazingly lucky with the shutter and catch a bullet emerging from the barrel, but that’s really a one-in-a-million shot. I suppose that a 1/3200 shutter speed would capture the shot, but the timing would have to be equally split-second.

  4. Yeah this Thanksgiving break that all you guys are taking is startin’ to make me sweat. Don’t make me quote that clown over at Sticky Doorknobs. That is so last resort.

  5. He’s baaack! 🙂
    Love the Will Smith quotes…now if only some of the folks in Hollywood might hear him.
    Love the juxtaposition of photos too. Those turkeys look too skinny to be eaten for dinner. But funny how they all came out after Thanksgiving to parade down the street…like their own Macy’s parade. 😉

  6. I’m glad Gwynne sent you a warning. I was all set to, then you posted a condolences notice and I figured it might be bad form at that point.
    Quoting Reader’s Digest is always good. Do you take requests? Cause I’ve missed out on Life in These United States funnies ever since my grandmother passed away. Not that old people are the only people who subscribe to RD. Doctors do it too.

  7. I’m right there with you, regarding Will Smith. The snippet you posted from his interview confirms something I’ve suspected: that he really was playing himself in Jersey Girl.
    Regarding Pamela Anderson, wasn’t it reported a few years ago in the entertainment press that she was feeling too pneumatic and was going to have deflation surgery? In the “news” clips I saw last night, she looked like she was about to pop. Too many PSI, man…

  8. I was just getting ready to comment on Will Smith and Foo beat me to it. I just saw Jersey Girl over the weekend and his talking to Ben Afleck about getting down in the dirt with your kid. I really didn’t think he was acting right then. I miss RD too since my GM passed away.
    And Pam & kid . . . .who cares?

  9. Jeff, I’m sure you’ll agree that the best marriages are those where both partners are, um, straight-shooters. 😉
    And Pam & kid . . . .who cares?
    Oh, Guy…you’re not fooling anyone with your feigned indifference. Your body language speaks volumes. 😉
    Too many PSI, man…
    There’s some fertile ground for tilling, so to speak.
    You know, I’ve never seen Jersey Girl.

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