Time Out for a Blog PSA: Y’all, it’s just a hobby!

I received a lot of responses — primarily via Facebook — to yesterday’s post about the Fire Ant Gazette-themed mask. And while I was gratified that so many were interested, I was a bit taken aback at the apparent perception by some that I was actively seeking help in promoting the Gazette.

Mockup of a Fire Ant truck nameplate
Don’t tell anyone I did this.

I’ll admit that I like the idea of this blog’s logo appearing in every corner of the universe. I believe the world would be a better place if, for example, Ford made a Fire Ant Gazette edition of an F-150 pickup (the King Ranch is sooo 19th century).

However, I’ll readily admit that I’m too lazy to do anything to make that happen…and you should be, too. I have no ambition for the Gazette other than for it to be an outlet for the sad efforts that pass for creativity, and for handy armadillo trapping tips.

In the almost eighteen years it’s been going, I’ve never attempted to monetize the blog. I don’t take ads; I don’t accept third party posts (that’s right; I have no one to blame but myself); I’ve never contemplated setting up a “tip jar.” Even the items for sale on my CafePress store — which I hadn’t visited myself in five years until the mask thing came up — are priced at cost. If anything, this site costs me money as the hosting and domain name registration fees are a hundred and some odd dollars each year.

No, this is not about the money or — believe it or not — amassing hordes of readers. Every time I write and post something here, I have one or two specific people in mind as the target audience (this one’s for y’all, Joaquin and Penelope*), and if I hit the mark with them, I’ve succeeded. Global fame is just icing on the cake.

So…um, I’ve forgotten where I was headed with this. Oh, wait…yeah, so…if you want to do something wild and crazy like tell innocent unsuspecting folks about the blog, feel free to knock yourself out (or let them do it after they fall for it and actually come here and read some of my stuff and never forgive you). I do appreciate the thought, but it’s really not necessary. I’ll always be here for Joaquin and Penelope**.

*Not their real names. HIPAA, you know.
**OK, these are their real names, just not the other ones.