Polygonal Me

So, I ran across this cool tutorial (via Twitter) explaining how to create a polygon portrait poster design in three easy steps. I have no idea what a “polygon portrait poster” is, but the result was interesting and it seemed to be a process that meshed well with my artistic aptitude (read: stupid simple), so… Continue reading Polygonal Me

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Newly Framed Artwork

We had three pieces of “artwork” framed recently. You’ll see why I’ve qualified the subject matter in just a minute. Two of the pieces had been laying around the house for a couple of years, awaiting the time we worked an infinitely-expanding to-do list down to where they resided. They are both legitimate artwork, paintings… Continue reading Newly Framed Artwork

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Studebaker Fish: The Backstory

I’m a sucker for sculptures constructed from found objects. Are they art? I’ll leave that debate to those who know what they’re talking about, but I find such pieces to be a pleasant addition to my environment, and that’s all I demand from my art. I also like the idea of making something whimsical for… Continue reading Studebaker Fish: The Backstory

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Yard Art Follow-Up

Yesterday’s post about the cheesy lawn animals apparently struck a chord with some of you fellow rednecks art connie-sewers. I’m happy to see there are other serious patrons of yard art out there. In particular, I enjoyed hearing from Dale Thompson, an intrepid Gazette reader who enclosed some photos of an occupant of his back… Continue reading Yard Art Follow-Up

Expanding Lawn Menagerie

Did you ever pass by one of those stores where the inventory is crammed into a vacant lot and wondered what kind of unwashed, uncultured redneck rabble buys something like that for public display? Well, now you know. Now, in our defense, since our lawn is almost dead, thanks to the drought and watering restrictions,… Continue reading Expanding Lawn Menagerie

Denver’s Big Blue Bear

One of the more entertaining sights in Denver is the installation of a whimsical statue entitled “I See What You Mean.” See if you don’t agree: The fiberglass statue was installed in 2005, stands 40′ tall, and cost more than $400,000, according to this article. One can only hope that it’s not staring into a… Continue reading Denver’s Big Blue Bear

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Throwing Green

I don’t know what category this goes in, but I picked “Art” because it’s the sort of thing that probably draws big bucks in a Manhattan gallery. Heck, for all I know it really is a piece of performance art: It wasn’t until I imported this photo – which, incidentally, was shot in the parking… Continue reading Throwing Green

Trading the Real for the Fake

I daresay that Georges Seurat’s painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte is only recognizable to most people in the most vague, I-think-I’ve-seen-a-poster-of-that-somewhere-before sort of way, and most of us would surely not be able to describe it sight unseen. I suppose there’s nothing inherently wrong with this; the painting is more than… Continue reading Trading the Real for the Fake

Pi Plate

OK, the creator calls it a “pi bowl,” but that’s semantics, and not very punny, to boot. Anyway, this ceramic concoction is etched with the first 1,498 decimal places of pi, and can be ordered in a variety of colors via Etsy. [Via Neatorama]