DWTS Season 11: The most clueless handicapping ever

The new season of Dancing With The Stars is just a few hours away, and I thought this would be the perfect time to share my predictions on how the competition will unfold. Following is the list of participants along with my handicapping of their chances, based on absolutely no insight or wisdom. Feel free… Continue reading DWTS Season 11: The most clueless handicapping ever

Scientific Dancing

Scientists have discovered what moves make a guy a good dancer, at least in the eyes of female onlookers (and, after all, what else matters?). It’s apparently very simple, which only deepens the mystery of why so many of us are such bad dancers. We just need to move our torsos and necks more. *forehead… Continue reading Scientific Dancing

The Dance of [Unintentional] Mystery

Today’s “Close to Home” cartoon hits, well, close to home. However, in our case the caption is wrong. In our case, the neighbors would be saying, “The Siegmunds aren’t being tormented by wasps after all; they’re practicing the rumba.” Or the cha cha…or the foxtrot…or, well, you get the idea. Sometimes it’s hard to tell… Continue reading The Dance of [Unintentional] Mystery

“Triple Swing”

Triple Swing is a dance step. That’s not the step that the folks in the following video are doing, but watch for a minute or so and you’ll see that it’s still a relevant description. And, in case you’re wondering, we did not teach them everything they know. 😉

Ballroom Dancing in West Texas

[Updated May, 2018] I’m leaving this post up as historical documentation, but be aware that many things I’ve described are no longer accurate due to the inevitability of change as time passes. Since I no longer live in West Texas, I don’t think I’m qualified to keep all of this up-to-date. Reader/dancer beware! [Updated January,… Continue reading Ballroom Dancing in West Texas

Going to the Big Dance

Tonight’s our public debut in the wacky world of ballroom dancing as we’re attending our first dance sponsored by the Permian Basin Ballroom Dance Society.  This is a formal affair, or as formal as it gets in Midland, Texas, US of A. We understand that there may be a few guys wearing tuxes, and some… Continue reading Going to the Big Dance