Tempestuous Tango

I keep getting asked when we’re going to post some video of our dancing. Well, the time has come. Kinda. Remember this post, where I linked to a video that compressed our 22 mile bike ride into 11 minutes? I’ve done the same thing with a recent lesson – a tango lesson, to be exact.… Continue reading Tempestuous Tango

Handicapping DWTS, Season 12

Last year, I made the mistake of predicting the outcome of Dancing With The Stars before watching any of the competitors. That was a disaster of epic, Charlie-Sheen-as-a-babysitter proportions. However, after the first viewing, my revised handicapping was pretty darned good, if I do say so myself (and I must, because no one else will).… Continue reading Handicapping DWTS, Season 12

The Beatless

I made a couple of jesting comments on Facebook and Twitter about this article describing the first documented case of something called beat deafness, wherein a man named Mathieu “can’t feel music’s beat or move in time with it.” But it’s a bigger problem than those researchers probably realize. I’m sure that complete beat deafness is… Continue reading The Beatless

Ballroom Dance featuring “The Cutouts”

Alert readers (and I know that includes all of you, because you don’t let me get away with anything) will recall that our dance last Saturday night featured something different, something that to my knowledge had never been tried in the 20 year history of the Ballroom Dance Society: prerecorded music in place of a… Continue reading Ballroom Dance featuring “The Cutouts”

Seeking Silence

I solved a tricky little problem today and want to document it in case anyone else encounters it. But first, some background. Our ballroom dance club is trying something different at our March dance. Up to now, we’ve always had live music, and that tradition will continue. But, for a variety of reasons, we’re going… Continue reading Seeking Silence

DWTS: Slightly Less Clueless Handicapping

Following last night’s premiere of Dancing With The Stars, it was painfully obvious that my predictions were as bad as Margaret Cho’s dancing (which was just about the only thing I got right). But the good news is that this might be the most interesting season yet, for the simple reason that the show has… Continue reading DWTS: Slightly Less Clueless Handicapping