Random Thursday: The Wednesday Edition

[Insert pithy yet winsome introductory text here. Please.] Every now and then, something happens that restores my faith in humanity and I think that perhaps there really is some hope for mankind. Then I read Facebook comments and come to my senses. Forget Ebola. What I want is a concentrated scientific and medical research effort… Continue reading Random Thursday: The Wednesday Edition

Canon Powershot N…which stands for “not quite there”

In late April Canon released a new point-and-shoot camera, the PowerShot N. I pre-ordered it from Amazon.com (where I now see that it’s temporarily out of stock) based primarily on two features described in a preview article: an 8:1 optical zoom, and built-in WiFi. It didn’t hurt that the camera is about 20% smaller than my all-time… Continue reading Canon Powershot N…which stands for “not quite there”

Surfing the web? Uh, what’s that?

When’s the last time you surfed the web? (OK, when’s the last time you even heard that term?) My guess is that it’s been a long while, and that you’re now fidgeting on Facebook or whatever the operative phrase might be for wasting time online. I know I’ve blogged about the effect Facebook has had… Continue reading Surfing the web? Uh, what’s that?

Local columnist claims a Mac “virus” ate his Facebook

Matt Saxton is the Midland Reporter Telegram’s news editor and he regularly authors a column. Today’s column documents what he calls a virus that attacked his computer and wreaked havoc with his Facebook account. He makes a specific point that he uses a Mac, and that the virus accessed his Keychain account, which is the… Continue reading Local columnist claims a Mac “virus” ate his Facebook

My Twitter Unfollow Rules

I follow about half as many people on Twitter as follow me. Given the extremely small numbers in both categories, that’s not a declaration that merits any significant reaction. Frankly, I’m not too interested in increasing either number, and I’ve occasionally taken steps to decrease one of those number by unfollowing people. Perhaps I’m in… Continue reading My Twitter Unfollow Rules

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Woofer is for Wimps

The Twitterverse is abuzz about Woofer, the tongue-in-cheek “macroblogging” service that so closely resembles Twitter as to make IP lawyers walk funny, and which requires a minimum of 1,400 characters (vs. Twitter’s 140 character maximum). Most of the woofs thus far seem to be either randomly typed characters, or passages from famous books, like Moby… Continue reading Woofer is for Wimps

Twitter vs MSM: A zero sum game?

Say, if you have just a minute or two, go read this article about Lance Armstrong’s bicycle crash and broken collar bone, and then come back here. We’ll wait… *annoying tuneless whistling signifying a break in the action* That was quick; you’re a good reader, aren’t you? So, did you notice anything unusual about Ciaran… Continue reading Twitter vs MSM: A zero sum game?