Take a Chill Pill and get your groove on

We’ve been enjoying our neighborhood’s new clubhouse and pool, but one thing that’s missing from the summertime-at-the-pool experience is music. Even decades later, the smell of sunscreen* evokes memories of Groovin’ or Crystal Blue Persuasion or anything by the Beach Boys, all of which were on the continuous P.A. playlist at the big pool at… Continue reading Take a Chill Pill and get your groove on

The King & Celine

Considering that more than 1.5 million people have viewed the YouTube video of CĂ©line Dion performing with Elvis Presley, this may not be news for you. But neither I nor my wife had seen it, and I figured that there were likely a few of you for whom this will also be new. I recommend… Continue reading The King & Celine

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