tire change

its tuesday afternoon and tonight is trivia night at the yacht club but thats not really important whats important is that my truck has had a slow leak in the right front tire some people would refer to it as the passenger side front tire but a lot of time theres no passenger in my… Continue reading tire change

Drone Blown

Show of hands: who remembers Rosie from The Jetsons? [Ed – Nobody. If you’re old enough to remember the TV show, you’re too old to remember anything about it.]  Rosie was the family’s robotic housekeeper. Almost six decades later, we’re still waiting for a Rosie to come along and rescue us from the burden of… Continue reading Drone Blown

A “Relaxing” Weekend – Pt. 1: Adventures in Coax

After a month-long family crisis that ended in a bittersweet manner, we headed for our Hill Country hideaway for a long weekend of regenerative relaxation. We looked forward to a time of recuperation, both emotional and physical. But, you know what they say about telling God your plans. Here’s a hint: don’t. Our first indication… Continue reading A “Relaxing” Weekend – Pt. 1: Adventures in Coax

The Cretaceous Clapper

One of my favorite gifts last Christmas was completely unexpected: a sound-activated moving 3D triceratops wooden puzzle. My wife found it at our local Steinmart (it’s sadly no longer available via their website, but here’s what appears to be an acceptable alternative). The box looked a bit intimidating, as I’ve found that I’m usually less… Continue reading The Cretaceous Clapper

Hands-on Review: DBPower Portable Jump Starter

My tenure as a boy scout was pretty short (even counting the preposterous time I spent as a Sea Scout in landlocked Fort Stockton), but the “be prepared” mindset stuck with me. I’m blessed/cursed with an imagination that places me in the most disastrous alternatives of any given scenario, and the fact that one of… Continue reading Hands-on Review: DBPower Portable Jump Starter

Attraction Satisfaction

Perceptive Gazette readers will recall our recent traumatic bicycle wheel failure, which necessitated the replacement of both wheels on our recumbent tandem (the rear wheel failed, but we also replaced the front one out of an abundance of caution as well as to make sure the two matched). I’m happy to report that after a… Continue reading Attraction Satisfaction

Installing Lockey Mechanical Digital Lock: Abandon hope…

I’ve hired teenagers to mow our lawn for the past two summers, and one of the challenges in those arrangements was remembering to leave a gate unlocked so they could access the back yard. Because of travel plans and other scheduling uncertainties, that sometimes meant leaving the gate unlocked for days at a time.  Our… Continue reading Installing Lockey Mechanical Digital Lock: Abandon hope…