The Big 3-O

Today’s a special day for me. I don’t write much about my family, in order to respect their privacy (I got special dispensation from Abbye for the photos and the posts… and it’s costing me big-time in the puppy biscuit arena). But there are some occasions which are so special that they cry out to… Continue reading The Big 3-O

OK, OK…Enough already!

Since announcing the impending closing of the Gazette, I’ve received many emails, comments and trackback links regarding that decision. After reading and re-reading them, and upon further reflection, I believe the following sums up my reaction. I’ve never seen such a simpering mass of whiny, infantile mewling since Hillary confronted Bill about Monica. As that… Continue reading OK, OK…Enough already!

Adios, Amigos

[Update — years later — Guess what? False alarm! It was just a temporary hiatus.] This is the final entry to the Fire Ant Gazette. Effective on Monday, July 14, I’m unplugging the press, shuttering the windows, locking the door and donating my parking spot to anyone who wants it. Blogging has been fun, exciting,… Continue reading Adios, Amigos

Hymns – Same words, different tunes

Something different occurred during our Sunday School class time last Sunday. It’s worth noting that the term “different” is not usually associated with anything of Southern Baptist origin, as we tend to like things nice and orderly and predictable. We’re the Texas Aggies of denominations. But on this Sunday, we had substitute song leaders; they… Continue reading Hymns – Same words, different tunes

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The dog who would be queen

It occurs to me that I’ve never told you much about the third member of our little family, the one around whom all the universe revolves, or would, if she had her way about it. I’m speaking, of course, about The Dog, aka Abbye Fabulous (or Ab Fab, for short). I’ve decided I need to… Continue reading The dog who would be queen

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Redefining Age

Let’s see…hobbies and pastimes…OK. I snow ski, windsurf, scuba, cycle (both single and tandem) and run. My usual cycling workout is 20 miles, 3-4 times a week, alternated with a four mile run on the "off" days. I’m a volunteer camera operator for our televised church services, and I build websites for money. Anything else?… Continue reading Redefining Age

West Texas Dust Storm

We laugh in the face of Iraq’s sandstorms…! OK, so maybe our flying dirt events don’t last as long, but they can be pretty dramatic in their own way. Take last evening for example. Odessa, our neighbor a mere 20 miles to the west, had 80 mph winds and torrential downpours. Big Spring, our neighbor… Continue reading West Texas Dust Storm

Memorial Day 2003

Another Memorial Day has come and gone, and I have those familiar feelings that I didn’t properly observe the occasion. I didn’t attend any of the ceremonies, motorcycle cavalcades or services. I didn’t spend hours in contemplation with bowed head. I did fly our flag, and gave brief thought as to why, exactly, I was… Continue reading Memorial Day 2003