Fake BP Ad

Have you seen the following graphic that’s making the email forwarding rounds? This is being put forth as a BP ad “from the late 90’s.” It is, of course, a fake, cooked up by those rascally rapscallions over at Despair.com (who make some pretty hilarious stuff, generally speaking). I’m pretty sure that Despair.com didn’t try… Continue reading Fake BP Ad

Google up a job…but not the way you think

Need a new job? Do what this guy did – capitalize on the narcissistic tendencies of bosses by purchasing their names as keywords, and wait for them to Google themselves. This is a rather striking example of combining tech savvy with insight into human nature and psychology. No wonder he actually landed a job with… Continue reading Google up a job…but not the way you think

Unhappy Hipsters

If you ever feel that culture is passing you by, drop in at Unhappy Hipsters and count your manifold and wonderfully uncool blessings. This is my favorite.

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This one’s for you, Bud (Pt. 2)

Happy February! Here’s another psychedelic interactive website primarily for my Uncle Bud, but I’m sure he’ll share it with you, too: Into Time by RafaĆ«l Rozendaal (link via Today & Tomorrow)