You might be a hoarder if…

These are strange times we’re living in, and in recognition of that fact, the Gazette is relaxing its rule against publishing material that might be considered thoughtful and relevant. We apologize in advance. Toilet paper not to scale. Or, maybe the man isn’t. It’s not important. We’re seeing reports that several of the major grocery… Continue reading You might be a hoarder if…

A Life Well-Lived, and an Obituary Well-Written

You are unique…just like everyone else.    —Somebody, probably   We’d all like to think that when we leave this world, someone would take note. (OK, maybe I’m generalizing inappropriately, but work with me here.) And pretty much all of us mean something to somebody, whether we realize it or not. Nevertheless, for most of us our… Continue reading A Life Well-Lived, and an Obituary Well-Written

Toilet Wars

A female friend posted this on Facebook a few days ago: The ensuing comments provided a preview of the nuclear equivalent of the War of the Sexes, with each side accusing the other of being less sanitary or courteous when it comes to the state of public restrooms. Scholarly studies were quoted; personal anecdotes were… Continue reading Toilet Wars

Boxing Batch

I hate to alarm you, but we have a packaging crisis in the United States. As in…too much of it. This became obvious yesterday upon the arrival of two items we had ordered. Exhibit A is a dress that MLB purchased from the website of a well-known clothier. Here’s the box in which it was… Continue reading Boxing Batch

USAF/USMC Viet Nam-Era Recruiting “Infomercials”

Before we get started, take a listen to this (length – 39 sec): Your browser does not support the audio element. I’ve probably mentioned this before but I worked as a DJ at a small AM radio station in West Texas during my high school and early college years. That was back in the late… Continue reading USAF/USMC Viet Nam-Era Recruiting “Infomercials”