Toast Alert

I hate to disappoint you if you came here looking for tips regarding scorched bread, but while I am an acknowledged — yet exceedingly humble — expert on the subject, I’m actually here to warn you about the app named Toast.  You may have encountered Toast at a restaurant that has adopted it as its… Continue reading Toast Alert

Random Thursday: Spreading jam on the toast of life

Sorry; I don’t know what the post title means either. Howdy, buckaroos, and happy Thursday to you. Today is, of course, International Bow Day, so feel free to take a bow, look for a [rain]bow, grab a bow (arrows are optional), and hye thyself to the nearest boat bow. Oh, and today is also when… Continue reading Random Thursday: Spreading jam on the toast of life

Random Thursday

Note: This is an abbreviated edition of RT because alert Gazette readers deserve a break. Today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal has a report about the significant increase in cheating in schools and colleges as a result of…well…many things, including the pandemic-induced shift to online classes. I was struck by the lengths that some… Continue reading Random Thursday

Adios, 2020. Thanks for trying.

*whispers* 2020 wouldn’t even rank in the top 1000 worst years in human history — Kyle Mann (@The_Kyle_Mann) December 31, 2020 For all its faults — and, yes, there were multitudes — 2020 could have been much worse. For example, the Patriots could have won the Super Bowl. The Walking Dead could have turned out to be… Continue reading Adios, 2020. Thanks for trying.

Missing the HIPPA Mark

I apologize for being unable to come up with my usual pithy yet insightful yet whimsical alliterative title for this post. If you can find a relevant alliteration to go along with “HIPPA,” I’d love to hear it. Here’s an equation that I recently developed while sitting in a medical waiting room. See if you… Continue reading Missing the HIPPA Mark

AMEX Centurion Credit Card? Ha! A mixtape card is way cooler.

My Discover card expired recently and when I popped over to their website to request a new one, I discovered (ha!) that I could choose from about 150 different designs. My initial thought was “well, this is sorta lame,” the same reaction I have to folks who order checks decorated with puppies and hummingbirds (the… Continue reading AMEX Centurion Credit Card? Ha! A mixtape card is way cooler.

You might be a hoarder if…

These are strange times we’re living in, and in recognition of that fact, the Gazette is relaxing its rule against publishing material that might be considered thoughtful and relevant. We apologize in advance. Toilet paper not to scale. Or, maybe the man isn’t. It’s not important. We’re seeing reports that several of the major grocery… Continue reading You might be a hoarder if…

A Life Well-Lived, and an Obituary Well-Written

You are unique…just like everyone else.    —Somebody, probably   We’d all like to think that when we leave this world, someone would take note. (OK, maybe I’m generalizing inappropriately, but work with me here.) And pretty much all of us mean something to somebody, whether we realize it or not. Nevertheless, for most of us our… Continue reading A Life Well-Lived, and an Obituary Well-Written