Fish Dinner

We were giving some friends an afternoon tour of Horseshoe Bay and were driving across the low water crossing where Slick Rock Creek empties into Lake LBJ when I spotted a crane* diving under the water, presumably in pursuit of a fish. Sure enough, he surfaced shortly thereafter with a large silver fish grasped firmly… Continue reading Fish Dinner

More Texas wildflower action (with 17% more bugs, too!)

The bluebonnets are thinning out in the Texas Hill Country, but wildflower season is far from over. The amazing fields of blue are giving way to even more vivid arrays of yellow, red, and white blooms, and not just from the typical flowering plants. Cacti are busy putting out their own displays of color. And,… Continue reading More Texas wildflower action (with 17% more bugs, too!)

Acquiring Culture in the Hill Country

During a recent stay at Horseshoe Bay we made a day trip to Fredericksburg, primarily to eat lunch at the Peach Tree Restaurant, but also to browse through the approximately 800 stores crammed into the three-block downtown shopping area. We didn’t anticipate that we would leave far more cultured than we arrived…not that that would… Continue reading Acquiring Culture in the Hill Country

Easter Hill Country Tour – April, 2004

[Editor’s Note: The following post is the longest by far of any published on the Gazette. At 4,000 words, it violates the most basic tenet of blogging: keep it short and to the point. I apologize in advance for imposing this endless travelogue upon you. Perhaps the photos that accompany it will ease some of… Continue reading Easter Hill Country Tour – April, 2004

Texas Hill Country Report…

I’m back from an extended weekend of bicycling through the Texas Hill Country, specifically around Fredericksburg and Kerrville. We put 135 miles on the longbike in three days, not much in bike touring terms, but considering some of the terrain we encountered, we were happy with our accomplishments. I’ve decided that biking the Hill Country… Continue reading Texas Hill Country Report…