Abbye: Nanook of the North

I mentioned yesterday that Abbye’s reaction to snow is somewhat surprising, particularly in light of her normal sissified behavior in other meteorological conditions (wind, rain, thunder, etc.).

When we awoke Wednesday to a thin blanket of snow, she dutifully trucked out into the backyard per her usual routine, and having completed her business, did this:

Photo - Abbye sitting in snow

Then, as if sitting in snow wasn’t evidence enough of her disdain for the conditions, she did this:

Photo - Abbye lying in snow

She appeared quite content to recline indefinitely and I had to issue a stern order to get her back inside. I assume that her fur is so thick that she was simply enjoying a cool interlude. (I do wonder if she has a visual recollection of snow, now that she can no longer see it.)

The downside for her was that she was greeted at the door with the Big Brown Towel. As you might guess, she reacted to the drying off process as if I was actually skinning her alive in order to remove the ice that was clotted in her fur. Now, that’s the Abbye we know and love.


  1. Pretty girl!
    Ours love to frolic in snow too (while despising all other meteorological conditions, save wind. They adore being wind dogs and leaning into all the fascinating smells brought their way courtesy of the mother nature.)

  2. They adore being wind dogs
    See, that’s because you have real dogs, unlike us, who have only a pod-dog.
    Janie, she brings new meaning to the term “hot dog.” 😉

  3. She is such a pretty lady! I’m still trying to get over all the snow on the ground! Our dogs are like that too…must be because snow is so soft and fluffy and quiet. Their fur is a serious buffer against the cold (and it looks like her fur has quadruplified since last summer).

  4. Our dog went totally bonkers over the snow … running and cavorting without stop the entire day … made me think there might have been more than just snow in that white powder ….
    Of course, maybe some deeply-buried genetic switch had been thrown by the winter weather … though a West Texas pound puppy, Sadie IS a Siberian Husky, and maybe something like one of Garfield’s ‘primal urges’ had taken over …

  5. Heh. Mis_nomer, when I first read your comment, I thought you were saying that Abbye looked Asian, and I figured that you would have a pretty good handle on how that looks. 😉
    But, you’re right. She does have a kind of leonine coat. But that’s where the comparison to the “king of the jungle” ends.

  6. Jeff, I suspect that there’s some genetic engineering at work in those behaviors.
    Then again, as the song goes, girls just wanna have fun. 😉

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