Random Thursday: The Memeish Edition

Fake Headline: Mutant Ants Invade Wall Street

In my previous post I alluded to some health challenges that accompanied my entry into septuagenarianism. I was deliberately coy about the nature of those situations, mainly because I fully intended to use them as an excuse for this precise moment.

But, in the interests of full transparency, I doubled down on a urinary tract infection accompanied by four (!) kidney stones by then developing a case of pneumonia, because if one antibiotic is good, then three should be even better. I’m feeling much better now, but I’m still going to use the excuse that my physical ailments are to blame for the absence of creativity in what follows.

I count myself fortunate to have an audience that’s apparently easily entertained, judging by the response to previous posts that featured stolen borrowed memes.

I had planned to at least have a unifying theme today, but all I can come up with is that “random” is a theme, so work with me here.

Perhaps the 2nd edition corrected this shortcoming

Meme: Review of book about ducks

When will our national nightmare of no wide-angle setting for selfies ever end?

Meme: T-Rex selfie

I don’t know; I’ve had a few dinosaurs as managers in my career.

Meme: Dinosaurs make lousy administrators

What about hijinks? Can we continue with hijinks?

Meme: Fed up vase

Just pray they leave Uranus alone.

Meme: NASA trucking sun away for maintenance

David Byrne finds inspiration in the strangest places.

Meme: Same as it ever was

Hey, let’s do some dog memes, how about?

PSA: Don’t drink and chase African wildlife.

Meme: Dog chasing rhino

“I’d rather be chasing rhinos!”

Meme: Overwhelmed emotional support dog

Reason #314 not to leave your dog unattended in a car

Meme: Dog with blue tongue

So, which had you rather have, a spreadsheet or a panini? Hmm?

Meme: Panini maker mistaken for a laptop

Adventures in Signage #9,128 (yes, we keep track of these things)

Meme: Sign about eating customers

It’s summer in Texas, after all.

Meme: Texas summertime weather is quite hot

And, last but certainly not least…

The same goes for telling people you’re a blogger.

Meme: Tucked pant legs and lowered expectations

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  1. Good work! It was work, wasn’t it? I’m glad to hear you have rolled the stones and are feeling better. I pray everything goes well. Blessings, Lee

    1. Of course it was work! Just because I make it look easy doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

      I almost typed that with a straight face. 🤣

      I’m doing pretty well now, Lee…thanks!

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