Playing with Uranus

Hey, they started it! Nevertheless, I think you’ll be impressed by this interactive 3D model of the solar system. What did you think I was talking about?

Is it time for Al Gore to return his Nobel?

Roger L. Simon focuses on some very interesting new research regarding so-called “global warming” (and, yes, I use the scare quotes intentionally): In his paper, Qing-Bin Lu, a professor of physics and astronomy, shows how CFCs – compounds once widely used as refrigerants – and cosmic rays – energy particles originating in outer space –… Continue reading Is it time for Al Gore to return his Nobel?

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The Anatomy of a Curve Ball

In honor of the World Series (which I understand is being contested now between two teams indistinguishable from Yankees, regardless of what they’re called, and thus is of absolutely no consequence to your scribe) here’s an analysis of why a well-pitched curve ball is the stuff of batters’ nightmares. The animated visual is particularly remarkable.… Continue reading The Anatomy of a Curve Ball

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Book Review: “Proust and the Squid”

…the goal of reading is to go beyond the author’s ideas to thoughts that are increasingly autonomous, transformative, and ultimately independent of the written text. … The experience of reading is not so much an end in itself as it is our best vehicle to a transformed mind, and, literally and figuratively, to a changed… Continue reading Book Review: “Proust and the Squid”