Brain Wracking Rack

One of the challenges of owning a bicycle with a wheelbase of more than 9′ is transporting it. Conventional bike racks just don’t work. In the past, we’ve used a Thule roof rack system along with a Thule tandem carrier that I extended with a length of square tubing and a second welded-on “foot” for… Continue reading Brain Wracking Rack


OK, this is just awesome. This guy Nils Ferber built a…a…well, I’m not sure what to call it, but it’s a vehicle that’s powered by a couple of 18-volt cordless drills. (If your first question is “why,” then, sadly, this blog isn’t for you.) The Drillcycle reportedly has a top speed of almost 20 mph.… Continue reading Drillcycle

Mad Woodworking Skillz

I once carved a rattlesnake out of a two-by-four. Took me three days. And several two-by-fours. Link via Neatorama

I Heard the Springs of Hell on Christmas Day

Taking a cue from another local blogger who is recycling some of her material (I don’t have clearance to link, in case you’re wondering), and in response to something that recently arose on Facebook (an exchange between two sisters, one of which happens to be my spousal unit), it seems appropriate – essential, even –… Continue reading I Heard the Springs of Hell on Christmas Day

Tool Fool

So, I was returning from Sonic with our foot-long coneys and tots (hey, don’t judge…you know you love ’em, too, especially topped with jalapeƱos and onions) and as I drove around the curve in front of the clubhouse, something black and tool-like resting in the middle of the street caught my eye. I backed up,… Continue reading Tool Fool

Gate Completed (No, really)

I know that I previously reported that our Anti-Bunny/Tumbleweed gate was completed, and it was functional. But I still had some cosmetic details to work out, and I wasn’t sure when I would get to them, or how successful I’d be, so I didn’t say anything at the time. Well, here’s the actual completed version:… Continue reading Gate Completed (No, really)

AB/T Gate Completed

Did you miss me? I’ve been berry, berry busy, working on a special pwoject to defeat those wascally wabbits, and it’s finally finished. I pwesent to you the world’s most time-consuming Anti-Bunny/Tumbleweed Gate: This gate took me approximately 18,000 hours to complete, with 463 discreet steps and 139 different tools (power and other), not to… Continue reading AB/T Gate Completed