New blog in town

This could be pretty cool…a new website that shows the menus and hours of Midland restaurants. currently has information for about thirty restaurants, as well as a [small] handful of reviews. I assume the coverage will increase over time, as that’s just a fraction of the eateries we have access to in the Tall… Continue reading New blog in town

Salad Rave

Last night’s dinner at Poehi’s (Coronado Island, CA) was quite pleasant, with the combination of a open-air bayside table (where we watched an enterprising pelican gulp down his own fresh seafood) and good food. I had a pretty straightforward fresh salmon fillet, grilled with olive oil, but the real star of the meal was my… Continue reading Salad Rave

Dill Effects

The last few times I’ve gone to the supermarket, I’ve bought Central Market’s “Herb Garden Spring Mix” instead of lettuce for our salads. It contains a wide variety of greens and a few different herbs, but the most distinctive flavor of the mix comes from bits of fresh dill. And every time I take a… Continue reading Dill Effects

The oil business in Santa Fe is booming, as is the vinegar trade

It’s probably because we’re just rubes from the country, but we were amazed to discover during our recent visit to Santa Fe that there are [at least] two stores in the downtown area that specialize in selling olive oil and balsalmic vinegar in a wide array of flavors. We spent quite a bit of time… Continue reading The oil business in Santa Fe is booming, as is the vinegar trade

Restaurant Rant

Have you noticed that some restaurants have become rather stingy with their oven time? First, it was IHOP, doing away with their iconic warm syrup, forcing us to us the decades-old, occasionally mislabeled communal dispensers. Now, as a kid, I was always amazed at the bounty of available sweet and sticky substances to be found… Continue reading Restaurant Rant

Instant Coffee Gratification

When we arrived for our usual Wednesday evening interlude at the Rankin Highway Starbucks, we were greeted by a barista wearing a lobster on her head. I tried not to stare, acting as though this was a commonplace occurrence in my daily routine, but curiosity finally got the better of me. Why are you wearing… Continue reading Instant Coffee Gratification

Pizza Math (or “They told me geometry would someday be useful”)

We enjoyed a DiGiorno pizza last night, a Thin Crust Supreme supplemented with extra mozzarella and pepperoni, if you must know. And while it was quite tasty and a completely acceptable and less expensive alternative to a restaurant offering, it was also square. There were some logistical issues of fitting it on a round serving… Continue reading Pizza Math (or “They told me geometry would someday be useful”)

Snack Tip

Who says cooking is complicated? Locate a half-full jar of marshmallow cream in the back of your pantry. If you have only a full far, ask your wife to make a half batch of fudge. Put said jar of marshmallow cream in the microwave. Nuke for 15-20 seconds, depending on your clean-up capabilities. Into the… Continue reading Snack Tip