Snake Eats Tail

I just finished a bike ride, the fifth this week, making an even 100 miles of cycling since Monday. That’s a rare achievement for me, but the nice weather combined with a realization that such good riding opportunities are coming to an end gave me added motivation to get pedaling. Unfortunately, many of those miles… Continue reading Snake Eats Tail

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Yeah, that’d work…

Yesterday’s mail delivery included the new edition of “Reader’s Digest” (slogan: “Validating Attention Deficients For…Wait, Was That A Hummingbird?”). One of the headlines on the cover read “The New Pill That Can End Aging.” I overhead MLB mumble, almost to herself, “what is it…cyanide?”

Praising the Many-Layered Golden Orb

One of the more important developments of the 20th century, ranking right up there with steel-belted radials and cordless drills, is the Texas 1015 sweet onion. This miracle of modern horticulture was developed in the early 80s by Dr. Leonard Pike at Texas A&M, and is now the “Official State Vegetable” of Texas. Sweet onions… Continue reading Praising the Many-Layered Golden Orb

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Death observed, embraced, conquered

I watched my mother-in-law die this morning. Her labored breathing — “chain breathing,” I believe the charge nurse called it — grew quieter, slower, more shallow, and at 6:15 a.m., 12 days shy of her 85th birthday, she finally won her decades-old battle to gain release from a body that always seemed more enemy than… Continue reading Death observed, embraced, conquered

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Your Last Meal…?

When, as a mere lad, I began reading science fiction, one of the short stories that stayed in my memory was about a man on death row who made a deal with the devil. The details are a bit hazy — for example, I can’t recall exactly what the devil was going to get out… Continue reading Your Last Meal…?

Reading About Writing

I hope you’ll pardon my recent lack of writing, as I’ve been too busy reading. But, the result of that reading may be more writing.I’ve just re-read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, subtitled Some Instructions on Writing and Life. It’s a book that every writer — and by that I mean every blogger — should… Continue reading Reading About Writing

You can call me The Drooler

Wlel, rlaseedrgs of waht the rrptoees form the eahdgges who do rceesrah at Cmiadgbre Uieestrnvy pprruot to raeevl, the oedrr of ltretes in wdors is iapnmrott to ciigtoonn. Saw a headline in this morning’s sports section: “Replacing Emmit Smith a lot harder than it seems.” Overlooking the fact that it makes no sense, the main… Continue reading You can call me The Drooler

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The nations rage in vain

In Memory of Those Who Perished…In Honor of Those Who Persevere…In Support of Those Who Protect…In Praise of the One Who Provides. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its… Continue reading The nations rage in vain

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Pickin’ and Grinnin’

My blogger pal Scott is thinking about taking up the guitar. I’ve lent him some advice based on my extensive experience as a perpetual beginning guitarist. However, my experience is probably not applicable to anyone else in the world, as I am undoubtedly the strangest guitar player wannabe in the history of plucked instruments. First,… Continue reading Pickin’ and Grinnin’